2015.10.17 - 2015.11.29
Artists: Nabuqi

C-Space is pleased to present its first solo exhibition of artist Nabuqi (b.1984, Inner Mongolia) - Parallel. This exhibition includes a selection of sculptures, ready-mades and installation works that demonstrate the artist’s continuous explorations and reflections since 2014.

Nabuqi’s contemplation on the ontology of objects is clearly reflected in her works: objects surrounding us also exist independently of human perception. She puts emphasis on the meaninglessness of the objects, as well as the combinations of objects, whereby accentuating their being-ness and embodied energy. They do not exist to serve certain purposes, nor do they only exist in specific spaces.

However, the relationship between these objects is in a constant state of flux. They are always in the process of “placement”, where their interrelationship is adjusted through means of addition and subtraction. Parallel aims at emphasizing this state of fluidity, to prevent these sculptural works from falling into the finality of serving the mere purpose of "occupying space", but rather, to let them exist more independently and autonomously through traditional methods of presentation.

Parallel opens this Saturday, Oct.17, 2015 at 4pm and will be on view through Nov.29, 2015.