Line. Field. Landscape
2017.02.18 - 2017.05.02
Artists: Liang Quan, Qin Yifeng, Wang Jieyin

Spiritual Homeland

Text / Chia Chi Jason Wang


At first glance, the works of Wang Jieyin (b.1941), Liang Quan (b.1948) and Qin Yifeng (b.1961) might seem very diverse. Blending the rhetoric of the abstract and the figurative, Line. Field. Landscape as the title for this exhibition also echoes the characteristics of the three individual artists.

In his paintings, Wang Jieyin figuratively and delicately constructs landscapes with ink dots and lines, somehow nostalgic and deeply traditional. He is used to staining his canvas before he paints, creating watermarks as though they were water leaks. It is because of the impurities that have seeped into reality that Wang’s landscapes would embody an unusual sense of materiality, as though the painting itself is in the process of deterioration, that the figures depicted would eventually disappear. These visual elements resemble murals that were unearthed from tombs long ago, as well as images painted onto objects of antiquity, they echo the annihilation of history, while also create a corrupted impression from the mildew.

Liang Quan works primarily on paper, where he employs techniques such as cutting, tinting and collaging. With the blending of ink and colours, the edges on the pieces of cut or torn paper appear as clear lines. While the tinted papers are carefully arranged and adhered on an open surface, their edges become more than just lines, but also the outlines of various geometric shapes. The layers of lines intersect, cover and expand. The overall picture is a carefully arranged spatial area, as well as an unusual landscape. It would eventually become clear to the spectator that there are topographical miniatures&......