2017.05.06 - 2017.06.11
Artists: Ophelia S. Chan & Oliver Haidutschek

The works presented in exhibition -Oystermight have varied aesthetics, yet the artists’working processes coincide with one another on one of the fundamental ideas from which their works were derived - industrial and human elements are employed to explore the tactile, sensual and emotional relationship between object and man, as well as the notion of interaction between objects beyond the perception of man, of physical and metaphysical natures.

While the artistic practices of Ophelia S. Chan (b.1985, Hong Kong, China) and Oliver Haidutschek (b.1976, Villach, Austria) were both previously digitally orientated - the former with time-based media and the latter with 3D rendered images - they have continued to explore similar ideas with their recent working methods. Chan and Haidutschek have perpetually dealt with the notion of the object in their works - working against its presumed passivity and lifelessness, investigating its physical engagement with the human body from sight to touch, as well as feelings that could be evoked by the object in the spectator. Both artists have moved away from employing and creating concrete images, but instead, Chan devises structures with a combination of metals, rubber and various industrial components, while Haidutschek constructs forms on steel frames with layers of melted plastic and paint.

Ophelia S. Chan’s sculptures convey senses of bondage and resistance that mirror certain bodily sensibilities, in the way that the seemingly chaotic form ofCondensationis shaped and strengthened with clamps; or howVacuumBedis distorted and tensioned with an industrial tightening belt; and the almost human-like qualities ofVacuumCubeandGabrielle.

Oliver Haidutshcek’sGolgi Apparatusis a series of painting objects with a unique mixture of textures and levels of translucency. These compact and impactive im......