Being Time
2016.08.20 - 2016.09.15
Artists: Carine Weve
C-Space is delighted to present BEING TIME, the first solo exhibition by Dutch artist Carine Weve in China. On the 20th of August Weve will leave her drawing table in the Netherlands for a wall in C-Space, which for three weeks will be her worksheet. During that time she will share with visitors the creative process of realizing a large wall drawing “Square Time”. A process characterized by monotonic execution, repetition and concentration.
Since 2012 Weve dedicates herself to creating conceptual pencil drawings, submitting them to simple, strict rules that result in strong mathematical images. The feel of handwork and the precision of execution give the drawings a delicate and poetic quality. Characteristic for the working process is the build-up from the centre, circling clockwise so that the image evenly expands starting from the middle. Essentially, every drawing is a possible center of an expanding surface that literally takes on unimaginable dimensions. If Weve were to complete the drawings according to her own set of rules, they would indivertibly grow to immeasurable surfaces.This also applies to the mural “Square Time” in which Weve counts the time in minutes, box to box in units of 60 seconds. Every minute is made unique by systematically changing the sequence of the seconds. Would she elaborate the drawing to all possible variants it would result in a surface defined in terms of square light years! 
With the realisation of “Square Time” as live performance, Weve plays with the time concepts linear-circular, mocks the notion of ‘dimension’ and flirts with the traditional Chinese landscape painting, where the landscape literally unrolls itself, expanding in time. The performance creation of “Square Time” is the heart of the exhibition BEING TIME.
In order to capture the creative process and the result through the eyes of the visitors, the artist kindly requests everyone that visits the exhibition to make one or ......